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    We are currently closed for the Summer and will reopen for our Fall 2012 term in October.  Please email us at mangoandpom@gmail.com and we will gladly contact you then.  Thank you in advance for your interest in our program.


    Mango & Pomegranate Tree Daycare Staff

    At The Mountain View Mango & Pomegranate Tree Family Daycare working with children is our passion!

    We are a fully certified and licensed family daycare in Mountain View, invested in developing young minds to be passionate about learning and curious about the world around them!

    We are firm believers in every child  being given the room to grow, flourish and develop at their own pace and believe wholeheartedly in developing a love for learning in children at a very young age.  We incorporate  children’s energy, interests, temperament and development levels into everything we do at our Facility and cater activities that meet the child where they are at.

    The Mango & Pomegranate Tree Family Daycare is truly all about giving children the right tools and atmosphere to grow, learn, play and explore, in the most nurturing, loving, welcoming and stimulating environment.

    Please direct further questions to mangoandpom@gmail.com

    • Fully licensed, Very clean, Smoke-free and Hygienic daycare facility in Mountain View, CA.Mountain View Family Daycare 94041
    • Very flexible hours 8:00am-6:00pm.
    • Accepting children 2 years and older.
    • Organic Vegetarian lunches and Healthy Snacks will be provided.
    • Warm, loving home environment considered a second home for your beloved little one.
    • We provide a safe, clean, nurturing, stimulating and loving environment for your children.
    • Have spots left for 5 children ensuring our home environment is small enough to cater to every child and can maintain the quality needed to give individualized attention to each child in our facility
    • We offer 5 full day programs and 2 part day programs
    • Activities and programming to ensure your child is stimulated and developing
    • Our setting makes it possible so that each child can benefit from our strong early literacy and academic focus, while having the room to grow during free play
    • We work with families and parents in all aspects of a child’s development and recognize that strong communication between parent(s) and caregiver is absolutely essential in ensuring that each child’s needs are adequately addressed and taken care of

    ~ The Mango & Pomegranate Tree Family Daycare Staff